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Spicy Flavours - The Latest Savoury Snack Trend

This trend is often referred to as spicy or hot, but this is not a completely accurate description of the painful yet pleasurable sensation of eating a spicy flavoured snack and having your mouth feel like it may be catching fire. This new “challenge-trend” is all about adding more to the sensory experience, and it is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Aromatech as your preferred flavour house has once again got you covered! We have been working on hot and spicy flavours that are guaranteed to gain your snack range some respect in this market sector.

We have done our homework and have worked on the following snack flavours to meet these requirements:

Mexican Salsa – This is a flavour medley of tomato and onion on a background of Mexican spice.

Jalapeno and Lime – This flavour opens with green chilli jalapeno and leaves lime as a background flavour note for a surprisingly complementary flavour accompaniment

Jalapeno and Cheese – This flavour has been formulated successfully to resemble the infamous jalapeno popper.

Chilli Tomato – This savoury tomato flavour has a perfect balance of acid and sugar, with some chilli notes embedded which come through at the end.

Chilli Cheese Burger – as the name promises, this is a cheesy flavour combination of cheddar and gouda with a background note of burger and heat

Reaper Cheese – While this is our most potent offering yet, it is actually not named after the Grim Reaper! This is more in line with the Carolina Reaper pepper, which meets your taste buds head on to be enticed later with a creamy cheese note.

Contact us today for more information on how Aromatech can best serve you as the choice flavour house for your spicy snack range!

Our qualified food technicians are able to work with your R+D team to create new and trendy concepts for all your ranges, as well as improve any existing ranges you may already have in the market.

We are FSSC22000 certified, making us the right choice for local and international brands.

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