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The current trend is crave-ability!

What consumers seem to be focusing on at the moment is the crave-ability attributes of certain types of food. What is coming out top seems to be spicy, cheesy, meaty and savoury flavours. On a scale of spiciness of 1-10, 1 being not spicy and 10 being extremely spicy, trend analysts are finding that more than 53% of consumers are wanting their flavours to fall between 7-10 on the scale of spiciness.

Current trends at Aromatech

Here at Aromatech, we are really enjoying the current flavour manufacturing trend of snack flavours that mirror the taste of jalapeno poppers.

We have been spending quite a bit of time working on savoury snack flavours which include chilli-cheese, red hot chilli peppers, spicy biltong and other spicy meat flavours. These are used in flavouring applications such as chips, extruded corn and biscuit crackers. Our staff just love it when we set-up taste-test panels for them to try the flavours we manufacture during R&D trials.

We are very excitedly working on projects aimed at promoting flavours which mirror and enhance the spiciness and flavour of local cuisine.

We have also been adapting spices for curry flavours, balancing flavours that complement spices such as masala. We have even been working on a very South-African flavour of briyani, which is also used for savoury snack applications. Local really is lekker!

We really enjoy what we do here and have 30+ years experience in the flavouring industry! Are your current suppliers leaving a bad taste in your mouth? Large MOQs, long lead times, poor customer service, too expensive?

We offer quality flavour solutions with affordable MOQs, shorter lead times, at affordable prices but most importantly, with a customer-centric smile! We would love to work with your R&D team to find a spicy savoury snack flavour that would be a great addition for your savoury snack range.

We are FSSC22000 certified, making us the right choice for local and international brands. Contact us today for more information.

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