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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

The difference between food being rated as average or seen as being really good is all in the flavour combinations that work well together. Sometimes what would be considered to be the most abstract flavours can actually come together in quite a complementary manner.

Here at Aromatech we have been working on some flavour combinations for various flavour sectors.

In the dairy sector we currently have some popular flavours which include blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. These can be mixed in various combinations such as Blueberry and Vanilla, Strawberry and Lime and even a Medley of Berries. We also offer a smooth and creamy Caramel Toffee combination which is very complementary for application in milkshakes, yoghurt, ice-cream and frozen desserts. These flavour combinations are not limited to this sector and are applicable in the confectionary and beverage sectors too.

We have developed some sweet and fruity combinations of for a range of wine spritzers. Our customers really enjoyed the combination of Grapefruit and Pomegranate, it provided the beverage with a citrus twist, which made it even more refreshing to drink. We have also worked on a range of mocktail flavours, one of the more popular of which was a combo of Peach and Cucumber.

The truth is we have decades worth of flavouring experience and our expert team can develop almost any flavour combination to suit your requirements. We have an amazing Marula flavour that would go very well with our Mango or Passion Fruit!

Whatever your flavour combination needs, do not hesitate to contact us today to see what we can do for you! Please visit our website on .

If Not For Easter - Written by Joana Fuchs

If not for Easter,

the chaos of this world

would be all there is

and all there ever would be.

If not for Easter,

the unfairness of life

would drive us to despair.

But God sent His Son

to give eternal life

filled with peace, happiness

and unimaginable blessings

to those who choose Him.

All we have to do is choose Him.

Happy, Happy Easter!

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