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Flavouring is an ever-evolving art.

Creating bold flavours is the name of Aromatech’s game and we are experimenting with surprising new flavour combinations.

Savoury flavours for snacks may be the food category with the greatest potential in the snack market. Bold and fashionable flavours are mostly associated with ethnic cuisine as well as deep, meaty umami flavours. Our research has shown that consumers are becoming adventurous and are looking to try well know flavours that come with a surprising twist.

These new-found flavours can be achieved through flavouring methods that are typically used in a kitchen such as curing, grilling and smoking, and adding a twist of citrus or even added spiciness.

Some of the new and exciting meaty flavours we produce for savoury snacks include Smokey Prime Rib. Rib flavour has become increasingly well known in savoury snack flavours, but we have put a twist on the traditional rib flavour with an added spicy zing. Some of our popular meaty flavours include:

Roast Lamb

Teriyaki Chicken

Roast Beef

Smokey Prime Rib

Chicken & Thyme

Mutton biryani

Sweet & Smokey BBQ

For our customers looking for hot and spicy flavours, the kind that get rated on a scale of 1-10, we can offer:

Fiery Fried Chicken.

Chilli Cheese Burger

Pepper Pesto

Mexican Salsa

Chilli Cheese – Extreme heat challenge trend

Contact us today for more information.

As a flavour house we are FSSC22000 approved, making us a quality manufacturer and supplier of flavours. With our affordable MOQs, we are a real value-add to your R&D team.

Aromatech is a local South-African company, and we prove that local really is lekker! Contact us today for all your flavour needs.

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