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Summer Flavours

Exploring the Delectable Tropical Paradise Flavours of Mango, Pineapple, Guava, and Passion Fruit

Step into the world of exotic flavours and experience the tantalizing delights of a tropical paradise. Aromatech takes great pride in offering a range of mouth-watering options that will delight the senses. From the sweet juicy taste of ripe Mango, to the tangy nuances of fresh Pineapple, coupled with exotic Guava and pulpy Passion Fruit, these luscious fruits flavours are designed to provide a unique sensory experience. Any beverage, dairy or confectionery range will be infused with an irresistible tropical twist.

Mango: The King of Tropical Fruits Mango, known as the "King of Fruits," offers a unique combination of sweetness and tanginess. Its golden flesh carries a distinct tropical aroma, and its velvety texture is perfect for a variety of applications. Aromatech Flavours ensures that the authentic taste of ripe mangoes is expertly captured in every product, allowing you to savour the essence of this tropical gem.

Pineapple: A Tangy Tropical Delight With its tangy and refreshing flavour, pineapple adds a zing to your taste buds. The tropical sweetness of this fruit will blend effortlessly into your range, adding a burst of tropical paradise.

Guava: A Tropical Twist of Sweetness Guava, with its unique tropical flavour profile, strikes a delicate balance between sweet and tart. Its distinctive aroma and juicy texture make it a perfect ingredient for a variety of dairy products, beverages, and confectioneries. Aromatech offers a guava flavour which captures the essence of this tropical fruit, bringing its exceptional taste to your range of products.

Passion Fruit: A Burst of Tropical Tang, with its vibrant and distinctive taste, adds an exotic flair to any creation. Known for its intense flavour, this fruity flavour lends itself well to beverages, dairy products, and confectioneries.

Whether you're creating a refreshing beverage, a creamy dairy treat, or a mouth-watering confectionery range, these tropical fruit flavours will transport the taste buds to an enchanting oasis. The possibilities for authentic tropical fruit flavours is nearly limitless!

Our expertise lies in capturing the authentic taste, allowing you to offer your consumers an unforgettable tropical experience. Explore the endless possibilities and let the flavours of the tropics elevate your products to new heights of deliciousness, transporting the consumer to a warm tropical paradise.

This Mandela Day we are celebrating in our usual fashion, but with a different cause! We will still be playing our normal annual soccer match against some of our neighbouring factories, but we will also be honouring the netball world cup and playing some netball matches too!

This year the proceeds raised will be going towards donating netball hoops and soccer goal posts to a school in Kempton Park named Mehlareng Farm School. The children do not have these but would love to play in the space they have available to them!

In saying this, we would appreciate any donations towards the purchasing of the materials and transporting of the netball hoops and soccer goal posts to the school grounds.

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Living isn’t just about doing for yourself, but what you do for others as well.” Let us work together to uplift our community!

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